Grokworx Virtual Classroom Support

If you are attending a virtual event through the Grokworx Virtual Classroom and need more information on event date/times or requirements please contact your event organizer.

Technical Help:

  • I am not on Windows and the Application won't load - We recommend if you are running windows that you use the Start Lab for windows button which will install and launch the virtual classroom. If you are on an operating system other than windows you can use the Start Lab (Web) button which will launch an HTML version.

  • I cannot accept the Flash Player Settings once the application loads - Launch the following link in Internet Explorer This will allow you to edit your flash player settings. Click on the tab with the Eye Ball > Scroll down the list until you find > Click this and and select "Allways Allow". You may need to click File > Reload Tabs for the changes to take affect.

  • The Virtual Machine screen is too small - You can select/change your resolution by launching the application > Selecting the Lab Manager Tab > Select the gear int he top left hand tab, Set your desired resolution. You only have to do this once.

  • When I click launch the application does not install/open - Try using the HTML version of the classroom which is available under My Desktop > Events I am Attending. The HTML version is effective if you are blocked behind a firewall or proxy or if you are using an operating system other than Windows.

  • Using FireFox or Chrome the application doesn't open, I get asked to download/open a file - You need the ClickOnce add on to allow for direct launch form FireFox and Chrome
  • The Virtual Machine isn't displaying properly - If your lab is not displaying properly but the app is otherwise working properly you can attempt to reload the virtual classroom tabs. You can access the reload under File > Reload Tabs. This will prompt you to enter the event again. You may lose audio connection if you are using VOIP.

  • The manuals within the virtual classroom open in Windows 8 Metro App.- If you are using Windows 8 and your PDF manuals continue to open in the builtin Metro app you can download a PDF reader like pdfxchange or adobe reader and then set this new program as the default program for these tyeps of files. Go to a PDF document on your system, right click, select "Open With" and select your new pdf viewer from other options.

  • When I click to "Popup Manual Window" nothing happens - If you had a pop up blocker installed for Microsoft Internet Explorer you need to disable the pop up block for this site This will then allow the manual to pop up into a seperate window outside of the application.

  • I am using Chrome and when I click launch or the link in my invitation email I get an error. - You can use Internet Explorer or uou can download the .net framework plugin for the chrome browser. This link will install a free plugin that will help you to continue using chrome ClickOnce for Google Chrome.


If you continue to have challenges with your virtual classroom please contact your instructor or proctor for your training. Your facilitators have been trained on the best practices and usage of the classroom.

You can also submit a support request to [email protected] and our technical support team will respond.